Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Better Usage of Homebrew Games With the DS Console

What creates the real problem?
Often the downloaded games really interfere with the functioning of the DS consoles. It is often said that purchased are better but when the world is stepping towards advancement then surely there must be way out for these downloaded versions.
Why people are tending to the downloaded games?
R4 cartridges have said to increase the rate of usage of these homebrew games in an unbelievable manner. You might be finding that there are also newer versions to it but believe it or not this is one of the unique ways to game as well as use the multimedia functionaries for a better return on your investment.
Going into the intricate circuitry!
If you look at the circuitry of r4 card cartridge then it is found out the circuit board is being mimicked by it. This enables the new unregistered games to be detected by the console and allow the user to open up the game.
What can increase the worries?
There are also other intricacies like the removable form of internal memory being installed in this small sized micro SD chip. Thus the Nintendo DS cartridge can now be used in a multi functionary manner. There is Transflash of the r4i cards that is said to be responsible for the occurrence of the miracle in this gaming world.
Storage of data is a better option!
Other than gaming, using this micro chip to be a storage organ for your important data to be stored is also a great option. You can directly transfer the data to your computer without any intricacies involved.
What to do next?
All you need to do is connect the card reader that consists of the memory chip to the computer and then downloading the R4 cards kernel. Thus when you are buying the r4 card then don't you forget to check the micro SD card inserted in the slot. After all this is where it has got its name as the slot 1 generation.
Cautions to be careful of!
Though there a lot of advantages mentioned above about r4i but it is seen that some of the manufacturer's do not allow this card to be used for memory storage more than the 2 GB. Well this is ultimately forcing one purchaser to go for higher versions.
What's new in the market?
But when the newer versions are present in the market like the r4 revolution or r4i or even the r4 adaptor then there is nothing to worry about. One of them is R4 SDHC Card that is said to be compatible with greater amount of storage, ranging up to 32 GB.
Gaming has now become more fun than just frolic!
Thus this easy to use micro chip along with the r4i card is such a useful device that number of people resorting to its usage is increasing day by day. It is the fact that without the help of an expert you can make your console function according to your wish and requirement.

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