Sunday, April 7, 2013

Use of R4i Card

With the advancements in technology, the world of gaming has grown many folds. Nintendo has been a leader of the market industry of video games. In this hectic work schedule, apart from gaming, we look for entertainment in the form of watching movies, listening to music or reading a book. All this is possible with R4i cards.
R4 cards have totally revolutionized the gaming world. It is compatible with both Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSI. It acts as an adaptor in which a micro SD card can be inserted. Basically, R4i is a newer edition of R4DS cards. R4DS stands for Revolution 4 DS. Moreover, R4 cards acts as an adaptor which allow users to insert the memory cards like Micro SD into Nintendo. These cards are very simple to use and have lot of features enabled. They do not require any addition or installation of complex software or drivers.
The investment in R4i cards can prove to be beneficial for avid gamers as they are compatible with different forms of gaming consoles. It is compatible with Nintendo DSi and that is why the capability of Nintendo consoles could be increased with the use of these cards. This expanded capability is a boost for the gaming quality.
The younger brother of R4i cards is R4i DSi cards. Basically, the fastest developed flash memory cards for Nintendo DS are R4 DS. It doesn't require any manual patching of files in ROM and thus, it is very convenient and easy to use for using Mp3 files or video ones. Experts rank it as good and stylish. These cards have amazing features to use.
It is considered as the greatest Nintendo gaming product available. The most important feature is that it is friendly with all Nintendo gaming consoles. Moreover, it can use micro SDHC flash memory cards and thus, can act as storage devices with memory storage of up to 4GB. It also avoids the use of add-on cards. But the most important feature is with the help of these cards, unlocking of Nintendo device can be done. For the best gaming experience, the 2GB version is considered the best. But in case of storing music, movies or other kind of files, one can chose higher memory based version. It is very important to purchase R4 DSi card from a trusted and genuine source as the duplicate ones can be malice for the computers.

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